Nada Tea & Coffee House

  A Soothing Experience


552 W. Fullerton Avenue (at Ashland)

Chicago, IL 60614


Tel: (773) 529-2239



Nada Tea & Coffee House, LLC


Our supreme green tea selection is imported directly from Kyoto, Japan.

Aromaful black tea leaves are imported from England.

Our Coffee of finest quality is from MOUNTANOS BROS., San Francisco.


Our gourmet drink selection includes:


Green Tea (Sencha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Usucha, Karigane)

      Usucha is the most authentic Japanese green tea. Taste the difference...

Our famous Matcha drinks (Matcha mocha, Matcha latte, Matcha Viennese)

Black Tea (Ceylon, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, Scottish Breakfast)

Jasmin Tea

Herbal Tea (Ginseng Mint, Supreme Herbal Blend)


Tea au lait

Tea sampler set (select 2 or 3 kinds of loose-leaf tea)


Signature Blend Coffee

Espresso (decaf available)

Café au lait

Café Americano

Café Latte

Flavored Café Latte

Vienna Latte


Café Mocha

Hot Chocolate / Iced Chocolate Milk


Our gourmet food selection:


Scones (Chocolate, Fruits) [Our signature item.  Oven fresh!]


Yok Mok Cookie (available only at Nieman-Marcus and here in Chicago)

Nada-style Sandwich (Choose from Chicken & Arugula, Veggie, Mediterranean Tuna, Smoked Salmon, or Prosciutto)

Nada-style udon noodle soup (Chicken, Beef or Kitsune fried tofu)

Nada-style healthy rice bowl (Chicken & Egg, Beef & Tofu, or Veggie)

Nada-style real green tea ice cream (summer only)


Nada-style: Low calorie healthy food made from all natural ingredients.

Nada-style Matcha Drinks

Nada-style Sandwich

Mediterranean Tuna


Chicken & Arugula

Smoked Salmon


Nada-style Rice Bowl (from 11 am)

Oyako-don: Chicken & Egg (left), Sukiyaki-don: Beef & Tofu (center) , Tofu-don: Veggie (right)